All About the Man’s Best Friend.

Dog history is the history of the partnership that started between the dogs and the humans. Dogs belong to the genus Canis, which belongs to the zoological family group known as the Canidae. This group includes wolves, foxes, jackals, and coyotes. It has been proved after the DNA analysis that the dogs are the descendants of the wolves. or Canis lupus. . The dogs have many characteristics of he wolves like the desire to explore willingness to be dominated and playful nature which prove that they are in some way related to the wolves. Though it cannot be said with 100% surety as to when the dogs arrived as a distinct species, archaeologists have found that the dogs where the first mammal that was domesticated by the early man. The early man used the dogs for tracking, killing of games, as well a trapping. AS time went by man become more civilized and the dogs were now given the duty to take care of other animals which were domesticated by then man. .Drawing of the Paleolithic age have  paintings what depict scenes in which rough , canine- like forms are shown along with the huntsman. One such drawing which is about 50,000years old adds proof to the theory that the ancestors of the dogs were wolves or the dogs belongs to the family of wolves

According to the early records in Chaldean and Egyptian tombs its shows that several distinct and well-established dog types had been developed by about 3700 B.C. Similar records show people of the Nile Valley regarded the dog as a god, and often buried them as a mummy in special cemeteries. Different type of paintings and writings of the early times give light to the fact that dogs have been with the humans since early Stone Age.

The utility of the dogs chanced as the civilization became more advanced. Some people required dogs which were big in size and had great strength, while others needed greater agility. Dogs that were used in a particular area for special purposes gradually became more like one another, and less like dogs which belonged to other areas and which used for different purposes. Thus this is how the modern breeds came into being. Some groups of Dogs include

Terriers  are dogs with spirit.  They are tough, fiery and resilient in nature.

Hounds are hunting dogs that go after their prey through scent of sight.

Gundogs include Spaniels, Retrievers, Hunt, point and retrieve Setters They are good learners and need lots of exercise physical and mental to give them boost of spirit.

Pastoral group were developed for herding sheep, cattle’s or larger animals. They have double, waterproof coat as they were required to work in all types of weather.

Working dogs are dogs like the Doberman. The Siberian Husky, The Great Dane The Rottweiler and the Newfoundland,

Toy dogs are like dogs used as companion or accessories. They are very small so that they can be carried by the owner to places. Toy dogs are very expensive and are regarded as being a symbol of expression of wealth and royal status.

Utility dogs are a mixed bag of breeds .Utility dogs can either be small, glamorous like the Shih Tzu to the large, athletic, short-coated Dalmatian; and from the bald Mexican Hairless to the highly-coiffeured Poodle .Some of the most popular include: The Akita – a large, powerful, hunting and guarding dog from Japan, the Boston Terrier, the Bulldog the Dalmatian, the Lhasa Apso – a watchdog from the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. The Poodle, the Shar-Pei, the Shih Tzu – a symbol of Chinese royalty during the Manchu dynasty and a professional companion dog.

Apart from the responsibility of being the guarding angel or helper in different ways to the human beings, they are also used as a source of food. There are many places like East Asia, China, Vietnam, and Korea where the meat of the dog is treated as a delicacy and consumed. Every year about 13000-16000 dogs are killed and eaten. Dogs which are consumed as food are different from the ones that are bred as pets. In Poland it is believed that dog fat has medicinal properties and is very good for the lungs.

But to keep a dog is a work of  high responsibility. As along with something good some bad also follows. The dogs can be a cause of risk to the health of humans as they may bring about many diseases. Studies have revealed that parasites of the dogs and cats can be transmitted to the human beings easily. The bite of a dog is very fatal.

Apart from giving diseases to the humans the dogs themselves are Dogs are very much prone to different types of  diseases and  ailments to defend against which, dogs need to be vaccinated. Certain ailments that some breed of dogs suffers from are hip dysphasia, pulmonic stenosis, cleft palate, trick knees blindness, as well as deafness. Dogs are also very vulnerable to parasites such as ticks, hookworms, fleas, mites, roundworms, heartworms as well as tape worms. Apart from al this a dog may also  suffer from some human like diseases like diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, arthritis to name a few.

The longevity of a dog   depends upon the different types of breeds but the median age of a dog ranges from 10– 13 years. The dogs with short life span are the Dogue de Bordeaux and the longest live breeds include the Toy poodle, Tibetan spaniels and Border terriers.

Dogs are omnivores. They are not dependent on meat-specific protein or a very high level of protein in order to fulfill their basic dietary requirements. Dogs are capable of digesting a variety of foods like vegetables and grains, and can eat a large proportion of these in their diet. But these days’ dog foods are also available in the market which caters to al the deficiency if any.

The sexual maturity comes in a dog comes when the dog is about six to twelve months for both the males as well as females. Female dogs have their menstrual cycle twice a year. Dogs bear their young ones after about 56 to 72 days after fertilization. At one time a dog can give birth to five or six puppies.

Other things about the dogs include than they are color blind but their sense of smell and hearing is very sharp. Each breed has a unique type of tail which may either be straight, sickly, and stork-screwed or curled. Being very intelligent they can be trained very well.

Lastly it can be said that dogs are the best thing that can happen to a man They are known as man’s best friend because they are very loyal intelligent, devoted  and affectionate. They add color to a person’s life. When compared to a person who does not have pets it’s seem that the ones who have pets are much more happier than the one who do not.